Injury Triage

A Modern Solution

S1 Medical chose to enter the cost containment marketplace with the launch of a 24 hour nurse triage program. The decision to lead with triage services is motivated by a belief in the power over claims costs simply by offering an injured person the right resource as early as physically possible. With today’s managed care firms so heavily focused on retroactively addressing costs, S1 Medical is excited to deliver a proactive service that will not only reduce official claim count, but will also do right by the injured person.

OSHA 300 Log, FROI, Provider Notice, Incident Report, All State Forms

Care Advice Text Message

Interactive Phone App.

Up to 4 phone calls per incident.

Registered nurses, 24/7, answering the phone

The S1 Triage Program is a modern solution to first report of injury. We are offering U.S. based triage trained Registered Nurse phone coverage, 24/7 365 days a year, operating on a technology platform that is second to none.

The triage team of S1 Medical is trained using a military-based triage algorithm so that they are prepared to assess & assist the injured person, providing empathetic medical care guidance on how to best address their injury. Additionally, this program satisfies all first notice of loss reporting needs, while facilitating & communicating loss data within minutes versus days.

Injury triage is the most important phase in a claim’s life cycle. Gaining medical control, ensuring a positive injured worker experience, capturing & communicating sufficient incident details all play a key role in the outcome of an injury. Do not rely on outdated technology or non-clinical operators to accomplish this. Turn to S1 Medical.

What experience are you giving the injured?

  • Clarity of Operator
  • Familiarity w/ Employer
  • Clinical Credibility
  • Length of Phone Call
  • Useful Assistance

The difference is service first.

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